Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.
The End of Courtship, The New York Times
Being on a first date is like holding in a giant fart for four hours, the fart being your REAL personality, your REAL desires, your vices, your flaws.

Hasn’t Happened to Me Since Middle School


I didn’t know that people still did this. Are you not familiar with how the pretty girls noticed each other and untied early on in life, starting with the unpredictable 1 hour of free time in school known as lunch and recess? If not, you are ugly.  Good to know that this person who lives in CHICAGO, noticed the value of having me sit at his lunch table.


Also he is bisexual, so thrilled to know there is also serious dating potential here.

When my friends tell me I only date guys who are bad for me

My love life in ten years





Agreeing to be exclusive with someone, while thinking in the back of your mind that you’ll just break up if things don’t work out, is not commitment.
Via this great post from And That’s Why You’re Single
When a relationship starts with, “This isn’t going to be a thing, right?” and then progresses to, “I just don’t see myself being with one person forever,” as ours did, it doesn’t really matter how long you are together. You never really feel stable. There were wonderful, dizzy times when we were perfectly coordinated, and there were others where I felt adrift on my own like a synchronized swimmer who never learned the routine.
Both Sides of a Breakup, via The Cut

That time I almost gave my ex a second chance



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